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Liz Kotarska - Advanced Hypnotherapist and Thought Field Therapist

  • Break through your stress and anxiety
  • Free yourself from your fears
  • Discover your inherent self belief
  • Unleash your own strength and power
  • Get back in control
  • Change your life for better, for good

    Right now you may be feeling unhappy or dissatisfied, even out of control. Perhaps you want to be free from fear or anxiety. Maybe you want to boost your confidence and self belief. Could you do with more sleep, less stress, help with slimming, IBS or exams? Or perhaps it's a case of unwanted habits such as smoking? Well, here's the good news. What ever problem you want to tackle, you will discover a wealth of useful guidance and advice right here.

    My name's Liz Kotarska and with years of experience as an Advanced Hypnotherapist and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Practitioner I can help you get free, get back in control and get on with your life again.

    Based on the Suffolk Essex border between Ipswich and Colchester with easy access from the A12, I am able to offer free parking with a comfortable environment where you will find the caring and confidential help you need to get back in control.

    Any queries? Just want a quick chat? Just call me on 01206 299 724



    Learn How To Take Back Control Of Stressful Situations And Put The Enjoyment Back Into Your Life

    Being Stressed is debilitating. It is often associated with anxiety, sleeplessness and depression. If you’re feeling out of control read more...

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    Diets, Weight Loss and Slimming

    SlimmingMost people believe that Diet and Exercise are the only keys to Permanent Weight Loss – But even more critical is your underlying state of mind and your attitude. Get these right and your body will follow. It doesn't need to be hard work.

    Discover the secret to the slimmer, fitter, healthier you.

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    Fears and Phobias

    Put your Fears and Phobias behind you so you can get on with your Life

    Do your fears get in your way? Does your phobia stop you doing what you really want? Learn how to more about fears and phobias and how to eliminate them.

    Read more: Fears and Phobias


    Now You Can ‘Sleep Like A Baby’ Again, Revitalise Your Energy Levels And Make The Most Of Every Day

    Sleep. Do you get enough? If you do you’re unlikely to give it a second thought, but if you’re an insomniac lack of sleep will be affecting all areas of your life. Learn how sleep deprivation damages your health…and what to do about it.

    Read more: Sleep

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    I feel more confident and seem to have a greater desire to achieve things and reach all my goals in life. I don’t feel as though things are ‘beyond me’ so much anymore.

    Essex based client

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